Winter 2019

It’s a men’s world

Next Winter, Belgian men’s designer label Antwrp goes for an unmistakable masculine style, laced with tongue-in-cheek clichés such as cool pints, pub games and tough truck drivers.

The macho seems to have lost his place in these gender-neutral times. But not quite. Wouter Hoste, the designer of Belgian men’s fashion label Antwrp has dusted off the clichés around men and spices them with a sense of humour that puts things into perspective. There is quite a bit of nostalgia in the collection, with the designer drawing inspiration from Flanders’ collective memory. The source of inspiration for next Winter are old-fashioned village pubs with their pool table, table football, darts and card games. And, of course, a freshly draught pint of beer with a rich head. And who’s hanging at the bar ? Truck-drivers who have just come off their shift and cycling tourists in need of some hydration. “Real men”,  or so they like to think.

Vélo Tourist: cool bikers’ community

Wherever you go in Flanders on a Sunday, you will come across cycling tourists. Cycling is bigger than ever. This certainly explains the huge success of “Vélo Tourist”, a capsule collection within the Antwrp collection. This collection excels by its artwork which ranges from rainbow stripes – everybody’s a champion – to stylized bikes, repair kits, macadam roads and lonely cyclists trying to get up that hill.  Captions such as “Macadam”, “Asphalt”, “Peloton” and “Bicycling” in towelling embroidery are used in white, ink blue, chine grey and warm orange-yellow combinations. A hooded sweater and a sports jacket complete the theme.

Drinks for everyone!

“Pintje!” (beer!) is written on T-shirts and sweaters. Ideally, it should be vintage Romy, the lager of brewed by Roman who appeared as co-sponsor on the jerseys of the Flandria cycling team many years ago. The brewery gladly allowed Wouter Hoste to use the original “Romy lager”-logo on the clothing. Full or half-full glasses of beer, cans and bottles appear in different forms: as a big print, on the breast pocket or s season’s logo. The six-pack T-shirt is bound to make people smile.

Darts or snooker?

No pub is complete without a snooker table, darts, table football or card games. For this theme, with colourful accents on a neutral background, Wouter Hoste drew inspiration from Flanders’ traditional pub games. For the artwork of this theme, he used the original logo of Billiards Thissen, a family-owned company from Antwerp which has been manufacturing billiards and pub games for over a century now. The logo was designed by Paul Ibou, a famous graphic artist. The popular theme shows up as a subtle four-leaved clover on a polo shirt or as an all-over dartboard print. The name “Antwrp” shows up big on T-shirts and sweaters in a font reminiscent of neon letters.

Lorry drivers

We spend a lot of our time in traffic jams, queueing behind trucks or delivery vans. Speed limits and other warning signs at the back of the trucks and vans have become an all too familiar sight. Antwrp has turned this into a delivery professionals theme, with tough-looking lorry drivers and “white van men”. Striking captions such as “camionneurs” (lorry drivers), “official heavy truck inspection station”, “brake!” and truck speed limit signs are alternated with discrete, mini all-over prints of trucks. Lumberjack shirts and warm sweaters with zipped roll-neck collar are present, too, of course.

The comeback of fleece sweaters

Fleece sweaters used to be hugely popular In the nineteen-eighties and now they’re back and very much fashionably accepted. Next Winter, Antwrp presents it in a stylish, luxurious and extremely cuddly version. In timeless colours or in trendy season’s colours, as a hoodie or a jogging jacket. Warmly recommended! 

Pre-collection: Pizza for daddy

Each season, Antwrp launches a pre-collection which consists of compact range of T-shirts and sweaters. The theme is always playful and is often about food and drink. Which makes sense: the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. For this season, Antwrp has opted for take-away pizzas. The menu offers the big classics such as the Pepperoni, the Margherita, the Hawaiian and the Capricciosa. The prints range from “slice” or “pizza” inscriptions in the colours of the Italian flag, to prints of pizzas or pizza slices. This take makes a perfect gift for Father’s Day: the T-shirts and sweatshirts come in a real pizza box with the Antwrp logo, with a free pair of socks in the same theme.

Socks to give

Socks in the collection are new. They come per four pairs in a pretty gift box. Two such boxes are available, each with four different colour combinations. Pretty and handy as a Christmas present! Other beautiful gifts are the mono-colour scarves with a rainbow accent or the colourful colour-blocking scarves.

Classy basics

Antwrp’s theme-bound creations are supplemented by the timeless basics in beautiful fabrics, with the recognizable red A logo. This range includes plain jumpers with a turtleneck, a V-collar or a round collar, T-shirts, polo shirts and shirts, all with the famous A logo, in this season’s colours or in timeless colours.