About Antwrp

Antwrp is a Belgian men’s fashion brand created in 2006.

Antwrp, with the A of Authenticity

Antwerp has a rich history as a thriving port city. It is associated with Rubens, the grandest painter of his time, with Plantijn, one of the fathers of printing, with the diamond industry and with the Antwerp Fashion Academy which has put Belgium on the international fashion map.

Antwrp, the fashion collection for men, was founded in 2006 and has been epitomizing the Antwerp state of mind ever since. Antwrp has its roots in Antwerp and is the only fashion label connected with the city. Throughout the years, Antwrp has evolved towards a total look with a strong identity which always manages to surprise and keep up with the changing times.

Antwrp is characterised by its strong graphic elements and its striking colour combinations, often referring to the 1970s and 80s. They result in a mix of culture, futurism and vintage, spiced with humour.

References to the city of Antwerp

Sport is a common thread throughout the collection. The success has even resulted in capsule collection “Velo Tourist by Antwrp” steeped in nostalgia and influences of urban cycling.

Humour is omnipresent in Antwrp, in particular in the pre-collections which sometimes subtly make fun of man’s guilty pleasures.

In short, Antwrp makes the difference for the discerning man.