Summer 2019 collection

Water, fire and ice (cream)

Quirky, playful and full of absurd Belgian humor, that is how we could capture the feel of Antwrp’s summer line. Extremes like water and fire are translated with a creative twist. Colorful ice-creams represent the careless summer holiday feeling.

The A of Antwrp gets an update: the two shades of red with black outline create a 3-D effect. Some T-shirts and sweatshirts in the collection draw upon this new logo and use an enlarged version of it. The new A also appears in a subtle yet very recognizable way on plain classics.

About Antwrp

Belgian fashion brand Antwrp is authentic and creative. It’s an urban collection for men who are young of age or of spirit and who share its cool, idiosyncratic attitude. Antwrp stands out by the creativity of its graphic design that refers to the city of Antwerp itself or draws from its population’s collective memory, with an ironic twist.